This Is What Happens While Dating In Your Twenties

First, you will date a guy who is no good for you. 

You will overlook the red flags you have initially because he is handsome and your connection formed instantly. You will be so drawn to his confidence that your heart will skip a beat when you look at him.

Things will evolve strongly and passionately. You’ll get used to the adrenaline you feel when you’re with him. Ironically, you will become so accustom to the rush he gives you that you eventually rely on it. The passion quickly fades into arguments and soon you never spend more than five minutes in peace. This wasn’t what you were looking for. You have no idea why you ended up here, but it’s now your reality.

You spend countless hours trying to put the pieces back together until nothing feels the same. Eventually, you lay in bed asking yourself how you ended up here. How did you let such a toxic environment control your life? Wondering why you have been so consumed with trying to make it work that you forgot to take care of yourself. You will feel disconnected from the world, but discomfort brings great change. Let it happen.

This is one of the biggest learning opportunities you will experience. Once you’ve seen the ugliest sides of yourself, you gain the power to identify weaknesses and can use as a tool to do better. Sometimes it takes being at your worst to open your eyes and motivate you into create a better life. Forgive yourself, embrace the lesson, and move on. 

The next person you meet with impact you in a different way completely, when you least expect it. 

He will come into your life when you aren’t looking and teach you the importance of respecting yourself. You will be able to talk to him for hours without getting bored and he will find a way to lift your spirit without even trying. He will make you feel beautiful again. If you are really lucky, he will be ambitious and just being around him will make you want to do better. 

Unfortunately, you probably won’t be ready for him. You’ll still be picking up the pieces from the last time you got broken. You won’t see the effect that has on trying to create something new. You may fall too quickly or say all the wrong things, but that is okay. It isn’t anyone else’s responsibility to heal you. You know that.

It’s all about perspective. You can spend hours wishing it worked out differently and that you made different decisions, or you can be proud of yourself for trying again. You may not have been what he was looking for but at least you gave it a chance. 

The two of you crossed paths for a reason. He came into your life to give you insight on the type of man you should be giving your attention to moving forward. He gave you a taste of qualities in a partner that you didn’t even realize you were missing. With that information you are one step closer to finding love. Thank him for opening up your heart again, no matter how briefly, and move on. 

What is meant for you will always be yours. 

There is no rush when it comes to dating so take your time. You have to be willing to try new things in order to figure out what you do and don’t like. Not only will you discover new qualities that you connect with in a partner, you will learn about yourself along the way. 

Do not be afraid to meet new people and put yourself out there as times as it takes. Dating is meant for trial and error. If something doesn’t work how you wanted it to, there will be more chances for you start over and try again. After all, you never know who is looking forward to meeting someone like you. 

Then you will meet someone and realize why it never worked out with anyone else. He won’t be the man you expected, but he will be the man you need. He will appreciate your past and understand that every wrong turn you made along the way led you directly to him. 

Most importantly, this man will be your life competitor. He will challenge you to push yourself further because he will recognize your potential from the moment he meets you. He’ll then spend the rest of his life providing you with a safe place to rest your head at night, so that you have enough energy to focus on changing the world.

That is what you are fighting so hard for. 

Challenge yourself to find a positive outlook in every situation. Keep in mind that every trial and tribulation you face is necessary in building the life you want. The learning lessons you face are providing you with the tools you need to make better decisions. 

Be patient. Your future depends on it.

With love,

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