How Not Following Your Passion Is Affecting The World

Every single day that you do not follow your dreams or passions, you are changing the world. And not for the better. 

When is the last time you sat down and had an exceptional cup of coffee, one created with love and with special attention to the blend of flavors in your cup? How often do you sit down at a chain restaurant, with the expectation of excellent customer service and food that makes your taste buds rejoice? The chances of this being your regular experience in today’s world is very slim. Most often, you will find yourself enjoying mediocrity at best and here is why:

People stopped chasing after the things that they are passionate about and started letting money drive their job searches.

Let’s take a trip down memory lane and reflect on some changes that happened gradually. To do so we must examine the workforce from a different perspective. In the past, what people were passionate about and the skills they possessed influenced their trade profusely. In certain circumstances, last names even derived from their occupation. 

Here are a few examples of last names that originated from occupations:

  • Baker
  • Gardner
  • Cook
  • Sawyer
  • Potter
  • Smith (blacksmith)
  • Carpenter

For the most part, people would pour their heart into their work for a sense of pride and accomplishment. If they were passionate about coffee, they would open up their own shop, perfect their craft, and enjoy sharing it with the world. It didn’t take pay day for them to love the life they lead (although I’m sure it didn’t hurt). The way to beat out competitors was by adding more quality to goods and services, resulting in more happy customers and business. 

Eventually things shifted, and greed was to blame. Chain stores and fast food restaurants began popping up, overpowering smaller businesses. The importance of quality became diluted. Unfortunately the dynamic went from consumer driven to how businesses can make the most profit for the least amount of effort/cost. 

Mediocrity spread like wildfire, and now it’s almost like you can taste it in your daily $4 cup of coffee. Oh wait, you can! 

So let’s make a change.

It really starts with each of us. It is time to allow that fear you have to light a fire underneath you. There is no better time than now to figure out what makes you happy and excited to get out of bed every day. Figure out what your purpose is and then go after it. Eliminate anything that distracts you or pulls you away from this purpose. Once you pinpoint what you are passionate about, the money will follow. The more quality you can add to the world and the more people you can positively influence, the more valuable you will be. The world recognizes talent, and blessings will follow once you believe in yourself.

Each of us are unique and talented in many different ways. You were gifted with your abilities because the world needed you in that arena. Stop silencing the voice in your head that is telling you that you were made for greatness because you were. Fear is the only thing holding you back, whether that’s in forms of rejection or failure. The moment you rise to the occasion and decide to create the life you want for yourself, you will wonder why you even waited this long. You will never be ready to take the leap of faith, start today anyways. 

If you are looking for a sign, let this be the sign that motivates you. Be all in.

With love,

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