10 Things I Wish I Could Tell Myself At 18 Years Old – Part 2

1. Friendship is about quality over quantity, regardless of how many people follow you on Instagram.

As you get older you will learn that not everyone has your best intentions at heart. Don’t let it discourage you. Use that as the driving factor to build a solid relationship with few that can survive the test of time. Work on having intentional friendships and nurturing them accordingly. Good friends are worth more than gold. When you find one, hold on to them because trust me you will need them. 

2. There are some opportunities you will never get twice, stop living in your comfort zone. 

If you get the chance to chase your dream, do it. Even if it’s not  “traditional” or you don’t have people cheering you on. Often times you will be the only one who sees your vision. Trust in yourself and eventually people will come around. You don’t want to live with regrets or wish you would have took that leap of faith. In all reality, 6 months of hard work can put you 2 years ahead. Start today and give it your all. 

3. You will lose people you love left and right. No, it doesn’t just happen in movies. Hug the ones you love a little tighter and don’t take time for granted. 

Death is a part of life. You will feel it, see people you love experience it, etc. It is an inevitable but you can try to prepare yourself as much as possible when it shows itself. Spend time with family and make time for the people you care about. Put your phone down and be present. These memories you are making will be the ones you hold dear to your heart in the future. The older you get, the more time seems to speed up so enjoy what you have while you have it. Be nice to your mother, make that trip to see your grandparents. Just be intentional with your time and energy. 

4. Yes, your parents are usually right. You are just too stubborn to accept it.

You can spend your entire life fighting this fact or you can just embrace it for what it is. Your parents are the ones who care about you most and want you to succeed. They spent countless hours raising you, sacrificing, and pouring wisdom into you. Be open to that. They have seen life and experienced far more than you have, you just have to see the value in that. Ask them about life, heartbreaks, financial burdens, and how they got where they are today. Good or bad you can learn from them and apply information to your own situations. Life doesn’t have to be as hard as you’re making it if you just listen. 

5. Never apologize for communicating your emotions. 

Be proud of your ability to communicate how you feel because not everyone has that skill. Allow yourself to be an open book even if it comes back to bite you. Never give anyone the ability to make you smaller. Talk through your feelings. Expression is the purest form of art in the world. It is better to know who you are and how you are feeling than spending your entire life hiding your truth. Embrace it and teach others how to accept their emotions too. The world will become a better place once we accept that we are human and take pride in that. 

6. Dream so big that you feel uncomfortable sharing your vision with small minded people. 

It isn’t your job to push anyone through life nor do you owe it to anyone. If you talk about your passions and it makes people uncomfortable, it’s not your fault. Unfortunately ambition is not always a trait that can be taught. If your dreams do not scare you then you truly aren’t dreaming big enough. Surround yourself with winners, people you can discuss changing the world with and never get bored. Those are the people you need in your corner. 

7. Start before you are ready. 

If you wait to start something until you are ready, you will never start. There is never a right time because again, life waits for no one. One day you think you have all the time in the world and then before you know it, you’re distracted. Discipline yourself and know that with consistency you can achieve great things. Nothing will ever happen overnight. Commit to a plan and follow through if you want to see results. 

8. Excuses are your worst enemy.

You will find a thousand reasons as to why you should avoid being consistent. Train your mind to recognize excuses. Notice how many times you make an excuse then make the conscious decision to put an end to them. Be resilient in the pursuit of accomplishing your goals. Go to the gym, eat healthy, small changes go a long way. You will notice huge changes in your mentality once you get rid of toxicity. 

9. Love hard and never change your heart no matter how many times it breaks.

Not everyone is going to have the same heart as you. People can be mean, violent, and mistreat you. Lead with your heart anyways. Most of the time the people who take advantage of your heart are the ones who need help the most. Learn how to set boundaries for yourself to avoid getting hurt as much as you can, but getting hurt is part of having a good heart. It will happen. It’s how you chose to move forward that defines you. Continue to share good with the world anyways. 

10. Build a legacy for you and your future family, it will be worth all of the sleepless nights.

In the end, your hard work will pay off. Push yourself to keep getting better every day. Don’t stop until you get there. Be the woman your future husband and children deserve. Continue to love, grow, and conquer. Share your light with the world because you never know who is scared to come out of the shadows and is in desperate need of hope. Inspire the people around you. Be so confident in who you are that others feel safe enough to be themselves too. This world has enough hate as it is, be the breath of fresh air. You can do anything you set your mind to, but it’s up to YOU to make it happen. 

With love,

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