10 Things I Wish I Could Tell Myself At 18 Years Old – Part 1

1. Life is going to go at a pace you cannot control. Enjoy the ride.

You have to trust that what is meant for you will always be and let go. You don’t always have to be in control. Travel. Try new foods. Live for yourself. Everyone’s journey looks different but there is a reason why. Don’t worry about the unrealistic timeline you set for yourself. Your friends are going to start getting married, start their careers, have babies, but you are not on that chapter yet. You are exactly where you need to be, and it’s okay!

2. Take care of yourself AT LEAST as much as you take care of those around you. 

Self care is so important for various reasons. If you do not take care of yourself you will always be giving from an empty place. As much as you care about the people around you, take some time to breathe and reset. Take a bubble bath. Dance to your favorite music for hours alone. Read a book. Educate yourself on something that interests you. If you feel sad, lock your door and watch a movie in your favorite T-shirt. Cry until you run out of tears. Allowing your emotions to build up will only cause you more harm than good. It’s okay to feel. You don’t have to be strong all the time, but it is your responsibility to find way to heal.  

3. Humble yourself. You don’t have all the answers. 

As a young girl it is easy to feel like you know what’s best, but 99% of the time you don’t. Allow yourself to be teachable. Let other people speak wisdom into you, so that you can grow and adapt through their lessons. It’s perfectly okay to not know everything. If you can accept the humility in not knowing, you will see changes in you didn’t know were possible. Close your mouth and open your ears. You’ll be surprised at the things you can learn. 

4. Save your money and avoid credit cards at all cost. 

Having nice things may make you temporarily happy but that fades. If you can’t afford it you have no business putting yourself through hardship to possess it. You will spend the next 5-10 years paying hundreds of dollars in interest, with money you worked your ass off for. It will be discouraging and chances are by the time you pay off debt you don’t even own half of those things anymore. Save your money for the important things. You may not be the coolest (flashiest) person in your friend group, but you will be the happiest. And if they’re true friends they don’t care what brand your shirt is anyways. 

5. Being positive really changes the way you interpret life. It’s not just something your mom says to piss you off. 

You have to completely shift your way of thinking. For the first hour after you wake up, try to think positive thoughts only. Your mentality shapes the kind of day you will have more than you’d think. Strive to be the glass half full kind of girl who can’t stop counting her blessings. That kind of energy is contagious. If you walk through life as a critic, you won’t ever be able to see life as an enthusiast. Choose to be someone you would want to spend hours talking to. Avoid people who would rather talk about other people than their own goals and dreams. Light up every room you walk into and walk confidently. You will inspire others to do the same. 

6. Moments are worth way more than items. Stop buying clothes and start buying plane and concert tickets. 

Although this goes back to saving money, this is about more money management. When you look back on your life would you rather have a room full of things, or a mind full of memories that you can replay millions of times without getting bored? Go on vacations because the world is far more beautiful than the neighborhood you grew up in. Learn about new cultures, ways of thinking, and lifestyles. See your favorite artist live and don’t be afraid to live in that moment. The world is yours, go explore it. 

7. Your body is a temple, don’t share that with just anyone.

I cannot stress this enough. You will meet boys who will wrap their words so beautifully around you that you will think that means love. They will manipulate you and learn to speak your language for their own personal gain. But once you learn that your body is a temple and not everyone deserves access, you will be able to spot these men from a mile away. If you are not comfortable giving a piece of yourself to someone then be patient. There is a man out there who will touch your mind before laying a finger on your body. Trust your intuition. 

8. Focus less on the opinions of others, and more on learning the difference between constructive criticism and judgment. 

It sounds cliche but as you get older you really do stop giving other people’s opinions so much weight. But for now, work on knowing the difference between someone wanting to help you be better, and someone who feels threatened by you. The difference is important because you cannot let everyone have an influence over your decisions. Ask yourself if they have experience in what they are offering guidance on and make decisions for yourself accordingly. Not everyone in your life wants to see you succeed. Remember that. 

9. Always leave after the first lie.

If someone shows you their true colors then believe them the first time. You don’t deserve to get walked all over because someone doesn’t value you. If they lie once chances are they will probably do it again. If you accept it once, soon you’ll be finding excuses as to why you should forgive them for the 753 time. An apology without change is just an excuse. You deserve someone who is firmly rooted in honesty even when it’s difficult. You will respect them more for sticking true to their word because of it. Integrity is key.

10. You will never be able to place worth on your life if you cannot place worth in yourself first. 

If you walk through life stuck to the idea that you are not good enough, you will never be open to growth and new opportunities. Spend some time developing the qualities you appreciate about yourself. Strengthen your talents and learn new skills. The more you sharpen your focus, the faster your true purpose will unveil itself. You were made for greatness but you cannot expect the world to see that if you can’t. Set goals, and follow through with them. You will be proud of yourself and gain confidence to work on other aspects of yourself along the way. 

With love,

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